Pedal to the rhythm of LocoMotion

When was the last time you did something for the first time?
Climb aboard a LocoMotion bike and cruise by some of the city's famous tourist attractions.

Your legs will power the bike through an unforgettable tour filled with history, culture, and fun!



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The LocoMotion bikes are the best in their game. And we’re not just saying that. We put a lot of thought and love into how these bikes would look and feel to our riders. Besides being top-of-the-line when it comes to safety, our bikes are tricked out with some awesome features to make the experience as epic (and comfortable) as possible, These include:


Room for up to 14 passengers!

Two staff members—your Captain and Tour Guide—to keep things running smoothly

A built-in misting system to ensure you stay nice and cool

Pulsing LED lights and glowing lights beneath the bike

A killer stereo system to blast your group’s favorite tunes while you ride

Adjustable seats and seat backs for optimal comfort

Electric assist motor to power the bike uphill or help out when you’re too tired to pull your own weight

Built-in ice chest to store water bottles or non-alcoholic drinks of your choice (stay hydrated, my friends!)



LocoMotion bike tours are the most unique and convenient way to experience Todos Santos or Cabo San Lucas.

Celebrate the city story, culture, and cuisine. we've partnered with a variety of institutions in our community from restaurant to museums to bars - to bring local flavors to you.

So how did it all begin?

With a beautiful friendship between a group of Mexican and American friends. Friends Ruben Rojas, Abigail Tovar, Mark Rubin and Jennifer Rubin bonded over their mutual love of Baja—and after one too many tequilas, this business was born.

LocoMotion isn’t just about the fun, though.

We’re intent on supporting the local community we love. LocoMotion has successfully brought new job opportunities to Baja, helping to revive the economy in the wake of Hurricane Odile in September of 2014. Our staff is made up of amazing Baja residents who want to share their beloved city with you! In addition, LocoMotion donates rides to local charities all while bringing a fun, new experience to Cabo San Lucas. While bringing a fun, new experience to Baja.
So...what are you waiting for? Hop aboard!